Moore Good Ideas, Inc. has broad experience in the development and debugging of automated systems. Some highlights of that experience are listed below.
Programming LanguagesAlthough we now choose to do almost all of our work in LabVIEW, MGI has experience with more than a dozen different programming languages. This comes in handy when replacing obsolete systems or when interfacing to devices that don’t have LabVIEW compatible drivers.
A former head of the National Instruments motion control product line told us that he had been shown lot’s of customers’ cool motion control projects, but that he didn’t really know what a cool motion control project was until he saw what we had accomplished.
Along with most of the NI scope boards, MGI is also experienced using LabVIEW with boards from Gage and Signatec.
LabVIEW RTMGI has spent years developing expertise with LabVIEW RT, and has used it on PXI, CompactRIO, FieldPoint, and also PCs.
LabVIEW FPGAMGI has developed systems using LabVIEW FPGA, including the use of NI SoftMotion. If you’re considering an advanced NI SoftMotion project and don’t already own licenses to SoftMotion, FPGA, and RT, using a vendor who already has licenses is definitely worth consideration.
Control Design and SimulationMGI has valuable experience creating model-based design and simulation using the LabVIEW Simulation module and Control Design and System Identification Toolkits. Additionally, MGI can help take your model-based designs and validate the physical prototype hardware using real-time model-based testing techniques.
MGI has done a number of projects that were tightly integrated with Microsoft Excel or Access. Loose integration with Excel is easy to accomplish just by using the correct file formats.
Web DevelopmentAs the Internet Of Things begins to invade the industrial space, MGI has expanded it’s capabilities to include web development. This allows us to add easy to add web based dashboards and control interfaces to any application. These can range from simple reporting interfaces for upper level management all the way down to fine level application control for the most savvy engineer.
MGI has worked with academic, research, manufacturing and testing clients. We have extensive experience with vacuum systems, environmental chambers, non-destructive testing, GPU acceleration, and mechanical testing and additional experience with hydraulics, electronics, robotics, and many other fields.