Derek E. Trepanier

Derek’s first programming experience came in high school when he realized that his graphing calculator could be used for much more than just arithmetic. He started writing small programs for it that would quickly solve some of the most used equations in the curriculum (as well as some games of course).

This interest in computing led him to pursue a Computer Engineering degree from North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina. Through his college career he was programming in C, Java, and LabVIEW. His first taste of automation came while co-op-ing at Sony Ericsson where he designed a one button rig to evaluate the performance of new flash LED’s being tested in new phones. Later he applied this knowledge when designing a simple and modifiable control system for bio-inspired robotic airplane wing.

After graduating Derek worked supporting and integrating a large scale energy management system before starting as a full time Labview developer at RxMedic Systems working on their Automatic Dispensing System (ADS). This robot would communicate with Pharmacy Management software and automatically fill, label and cap vials. This involved interfacing with hardware, managing multiple databases and touchscreen input.

Derek’s taste for outdoor adventures lead to him look for a position a little farther west and closer to mountains. He’s been with Moore Good Ideas, Inc. since 2012 where he enjoys using and expanding his LabVIEW knowledge.