Matthew G. Harrison

After high school, Matt spent a year studying physics at BYU, then devoted two years to a Mormon mission in Haiti. Upon his return, he attended Rutgers University in New Jersey where he graduated with honors in physics. For his honors thesis, he worked with a group that uses laser ablation to deposit thin films of lanthanum strontium copper oxide, which is of interest in the development of high temperature superconductors.

Matt began work on a Ph.D. in physics at the University of Utah, then decided to begin a computer animation company, Argonaut CG Films, with his brother. At Argonaut, Matt worked on a huge variety of projects including architectural renderings, television commercials, technical visualizations, educational animations, and cinematics for video games.

Leveraging his experience in video game cinematics, Matt decided to take a full time job as a game developer for Incognito Entertainment (later acquired by Sony). He started as a modeling lead but showed significant technical ability as he programmed the in-house game editor for a PlayStation I game. After a few years, he was doing full-time C++ game programming.

As Sony was restructuring its production studio in 2003, Matt took advantage of an opportunity to switch from game simulations to working with real hardware by joining up with Moore Good Ideas, Inc. At MGI, Matt has worked on a wide range of projects with an equally wide range of hardware. His areas of expertise include dynamic onboard motion programming, FieldPoint systems, and the use of handheld terminals in place of or in parallel with traditional user interfaces.