MGI Solution Explorer

Good news! We’ve updated the  MGI Solution Explorer! See the updated article for more information up the updates!

Building a Packed Project Library (PPL) based solution in LabVIEW requires some tricky solution management. There are multiple interrelated projects that all must be built in the correct order.

The MGI Solution Explorer helps manage these issues. It keeps track of all of the projects in the solution, lets you easily navigate between them, and most importantly helps you build everything in a fast, efficient, and correct way. Items only get rebuilt when their source code changes or if another project they depend on has been rebuilt..

Check out the CLA summit presentation on Plugins, PPLs and the Solution Explorer

MGI Load

This VI will load plugins found inside of a PPL. See the “Basic PPL Application.lvproj” from the CLA summit presentation for an example. This VI will soon be part of the MGI library on VIPM

Download MGI Load 

Check back for a more in depth article coming soon!