Why MGI?

Professional LabVIEW Consulting from a National Instruments Alliance_Partner_Program_Silver_TSilver Alliance Partner

What we’re Good at:

LabVIEW6 Certified LabVIEW Architects (CLA) and 1 Certified LabVIEW Developers (CLD) means MGI has the technical knowledge and experience to work with you on defining and developing the exact solution that you’re looking for.
NI VeristandMGI has trained VeriStand developers that can tackle any VeriStand problems you might have. From software-in-the-loop (SIL) to hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) our team of VeriStand experts can implement a solution that will meet all of your real-time simulation and testing requirements.
NI TestStandOur Certified TestStand Developers can implement a TestStand-based solution that utilizes this industry standard test management system for all your testing needs.
LabVIEW Real-TimeMGI has spent years developing expertise with LabVIEW RT, and has used it on PXI, CompactRIO, FieldPoint, and also custom Desktop PCs. Let us help you with all your RT projects.
LabVIEW FPGAMGI has developed systems using LabVIEW FPGA, including the use of NI SoftMotion. If you’re considering an advanced NI SoftMotion project and don’t already own licenses to SoftMotion, FPGA, and RT, using a vendor who already has licenses is definitely worth consideration.
I have a problem and
I need a solution!
This is where we excel. We know that you may not be an expert in all things measurement and automation, but that’s OK, because we are. We will identify what tools we need to use to solve your problem.

At MGI we have a diverse team of experienced engineers to help architect, design, develop and implement whatever your project is. If you have an R&D solution that’s full of spaghetti code that you want to turn into a robust, production-ready solution, we can help. If you have a vague idea of features, we can work from the ground up to develop a product you’re proud of.

We always work closely with you to ensure that we’re developing the solution that works best for you. We want to build something that does exactly what you want in a way that is robust, maintainable and scalable.

Let us know!

Whatever you’re working on! Even if you’re not sure what technology should be used solve your problem, we’ll work with you to transform your high level list of wants and needs into a full featured software and hardware solution.

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