We're Always Looking for Great LabVIEW Developers

Job Title: Systems Engineer

Moore Good Ideas, Inc.: The Best Place to Work for the Best LabVIEW Developers

Moore Good Ideas, Inc. is a consulting company based near Salt Lake City, Utah. The MGI team provides software design, LabVIEW programming, and the debugging of both hardware and software to its clients. Often, we also assist in determining system specifications, selecting data acquisition hardware, and developing new data analysis and presentation techniques.Occasionally, we reverse engineer a legacy system to either modify or replace it, or take on a more complete system integration project.

Our projects often involve motion control and aerospace applications, which makes them fun. MGI has been involved in fabrication and inspection of rocket and fighter aircraft components, testing the performance of a helicopter rotor in flight, and ground tests of rocket steering systems. Another interesting project involved cancelling the wave motion of a drilling rig mounted on a ship.

The team members we seek must have experience with a variety of automated system components and the problems one encounters when bringing them online. Skill communicating with machine operators, engineers, and scientists is also essential. Because of the aerospace customers, US citizenship is required. Initial compensation depends on the candidate’s ability to generate professional grade LabVIEW code. Benefits are included.

Why MGI is the Best Place to Work

At MGI, we love the working environment we have created, and we continue to try to make it even better. We are not striving to maximize our growth or our profitability, but the ability of our employees to enjoy their lives. To do that, we’ve gathered top notch people who are easy to work with and put them to work for customers who appreciate what they can do. We have a big enough team to be able to balance our workload and learn from one another, but not so big that we need to spend money on extra management. Our super low overhead lets everyone earn an excellent living and still have time to enjoy the fruits of their labor. It’s all the result of having our priorities in order.

If qualified and interested, please email your resume to employment@mooregoodideas.com.