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MGI LibraryMGI Library

The MGI Library is a collection of time-saving tools developed over the years in the course of our consulting work.  These tools are freely shared with the community under the BSD license for the benefit of all.  The library is composed of several packages, each of which is briefly described here.  All of these packages are available on the NI Tools Network or in VI Package Manager.

MGI Solution ExplorerMGI Solution Explorer

Winner of the LabVIEW Tools Network’s 2017 Community Contribution Product of Year award

The MGI Solution Explorer (now a default install option in LabVIEW) helps developers group, access and build related projects. This is valuable in large application development where you have used Packed Project Libraries or other techniques to split up your solution. The time saved by splitting up the build can easily be lost in a cumbersome build process. With the MGI Solution Explorer, the build process is captured as data, so it’s easy for anyone on the development team to quickly and correctly perform a build.

Panel Manager

Non-trivial applications require complex user interfaces. The goal is to keep them as simple as possible but the fact is that if the software needs to do a lot of stuff then there are going to be a lot of controls and indicators. User interfaces can always be split up conceptually (these controls are for loading while those controls are for previewing data, for example) but splitting them up in LabVIEW can often be daunting.

The MGI Panel Manager toolkit is an easy to implement and maintain API to help build complex UIs. The framework handles all of the complicated tasks involved in managing front panels so you can spend your time implementing the the business logic of your application.