MGI Library

Panel Actors
Aug 29 2017

The MGI Panel Manager is built to work especially well with the Actor Framework. The Actor Framework handles all of the inter-process commuincation while the MGI Panel Manager handles all of the displaying.

The Panel Manager packages already contains all of the classes you need to easily get started.

.NET Panels
Aug 29 2017

This article describes the .NET feature of the MGI Panel Manager. Be sure to check out other articles about the framework for more information.

Window Panels
Aug 25 2017

A quick overview of how to use window panels in the MGI panel manager.

Apr 15 2013

A tool for creating human readable XML with support for LabVIEW classes.

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Read/Write Anything VIs
Aug 15 2012

Serializing data can be a chore. Picking file formats, editing code as data types change, maintaining backwards compatibility and other challenges make this a tricky and time consuming part of our code.

The MGI Read/Write Anything library make that easy though. It easily converts any LabVIEW data type into a human readable INI file.

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